Survivor All Star Fighters have been having a good time for a few days now. The team after a series of losing matches and good prizes, managed to come back at the crunch time of the immunity matches, winning both and ensuring their numerical integrity for at least one more week. In the last match, the Fighters prevailed with Ilias Bogdanos and Stavroula Chrysaeidi as forwards.

Immediately after their victory, the Blues went to the villa they won as a prize and enjoyed a dreamy day of cleaning, massages and food.

At the following day’s Council, the defeated Reds were asked to nominate two more candidates to leave after Giorgos Koromi. These players were Takis and Melina, while Konstantinos Vassalos passed untouched by yet another vote. Only Melina dared to vote for him.

Spyros Martikas made an apt remark regarding the nominations. He himself has faced the judgment of the public 11 times while his not much better Konstantinos, only once. Vassalos himself responded by saying: “Have you seen a presenter run?”