It’s a lot of money, Inter: The amount it puts in its coffers by qualifying for the final!


Qualifying for his grand final Champions League celebrates from Tuesday night the Interwho overcame the obstacle of… hated fellow citizen Milan in the semi-finals of the institution, thus claiming her first cup with the “big ears” after 13 whole years!

In addition to the historical significance of this qualification, the “neradzuri” they have one more reason to smile tonight as they are expected to get one huge financial benefit from their progress so far to the Istanbul final!

You see, his team Simon Indzaki with its amazing run to the semi-finals of Europe’s top competition, it has been assured 82 million eurosan amount corresponding to the market pool, tickets and any sponsorships it has.

With its participation in the semi-final phase, Inter “captured” again 12 million euros(!)while the qualification to the grand final of the Champions League, where he will face either the Real Madrid either the Manchester Cityher coffers were filled with more 15.5 million euros as a bonus from UEFA for this historic moment!

Finally, for the participation in the final alone, he will reap another 4 million euros, plus any extras from sponsorships and tickets.

Putting all this in the balance, in a possible conquest of the prestigious trophy, Inter can put in their coffers an amount greater than 113.5 million euros!

It’s a lot of money, Inter!

Source: Sport Fm

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