Wanessa Camargo remembers her first meeting with Dado Dolabella: ‘Magazine’s hot model’

Wanessa Camargo remembers her first meeting with Dado Dolabella: ‘Magazine’s hot model’

In October 2022, Wanessa Camargo and Dado Dolabella publicly assumed their relationship after the separation of the singer from businessman Marcus Buaiz, ​​in May. But the two had already lived a romance in the early 2000s. The eldest daughter of countryman Zezé Di Camargo recalled the first time she saw the actor and singer. They met backstage at a photo shoot for a teen magazine at the time.

“The first cover I did in my life as a singer, Dado was the magazine’s hot model. I was dating and so was he, but there was already a deal. Then I needed a model for a clip and called him. He made my clip and we had nothing. Soon after, I ended my relationship and when I went to Rio, we started dating”, said Wanessa during participation in the program Estação Band, on Radio Band FM.

The singer even said when she broke up with Dolabella at the beginning of her relationship that she even jokes was the first season. “We were very young, let’s be fair. We were very immature, both were starting their careers. I saw myself in one place and he saw himself with all the women in Brazil looking at him. Dado was the card champion in the country. He was much harassment”, commented on the end of the relationship because of jealousy.

Vanessa then continued. “I learned a lot with him in the relationship in the first season – and I even took that to my wedding afterwards. I realized over time that there’s no point in being jealous, wanting to hold his hand. Who wants to do it, do it in your face It’s not the ballad. Who wants to be together, is together”, he pointed out. Wanessa married Buaiz in 2007 and they had two children: José Marcus and João Francisco.

Source: Folha

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