Through an impressive tribute, urges its millions of readers to visit less popular islands of Greece and live like locals!

According to the network, Greece consistently ranks among the top ten holiday destinations in Europe. But the time has come to direct its tourists to less popular places.

“We want to go beyond the sun-sea model and for this reason we promote more distant locations” explains G.G. of Tourism Policy and Development of the Ministry of Tourism Olympia Anastasopoulou. “In addition to the established ones, support from markets such as Canada and India is expected for 2023”, added Eleni Mitrakis, Head of Tourism Promotion of the EOT.

Subsequently and after planned informative contacts with representatives of Municipalities at the ITB 2023 exhibition, the popular medium ends up in seven unique destinations in Greece for “off the beaten track” experiences.

In the first place is ranked Kalymnos which is a climber’s paradise.

Followed by Virus which appears renewed in recent years, highlighting its rich history and nature. THE Skopelos considered the delight of Mamma Mia friends, the Man’s has established itself as the favorite “refuge” of walkers and the Astypalea it is the island of innovation.


In addition, the Miss you stand out as the “Polynesia” of the Aegean and the Alonissos offers unique experiences to scuba divers and nature lovers.

Representatives of the destinations on the proposed list told APE-MPE:

“In recent years we have prioritized promoting new aspects of Ios such as history, culture and sports tourism. Festivals and sports events attract the traveling public from Greece and abroad”, noted the Mayor of Ieton Gikas Gikas.

The Mayor of Leipsos Fotis Maggos points out that “Leipsos are establishing themselves on the tourist “map” of Greece. We are not promoting something pretentious or set up but a new attitude to life full of authenticity, nature and quality of service. Exotic weddings, local cuisine, activities and beaches of unreal beauty without organized sunbeds, make the difference”.

“Alonissos has created its own identity. The largest natural marine park of the Mediterranean, the first underwater museum in Greece, but also our innovations such as underwater weddings “travel” our island all over the planet”, said the Mayor of Alonissos, Petros Vafinis.

“We highlight the beautiful Astypalaia as the island with a dual character. On the one hand, its rich past is reflected in the historical monuments, traditions, picturesque settlements and local cuisine, and on the other hand, the future of tourism is revealed through pioneering sustainability actions to protect the environment and unparalleled natural beauty” , said the Mayor of Astypalaia, Nikos Komineas.

“In Skopelos, we get creative, turning every advantage of the destination into a new activity. Mamma Mia tours, cooking classes and new cycling routes know the acceptance of the traveling public from many markets inside and outside Europe”, added the President of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Skopelos, Ioanna Efstathiou.

“With the “tip of the spear” climbing tourism as well as the other features that we highlight in international media such as diving, gastronomy, traditions and natural beauties, Kalymnos becomes a “magnet” for thousands of tourists from all over the world. The season on the island of mops is extended, from March to the end of October”, emphasized the Mayor of Kalymnia Dimitris Diakomichalis.

“Andros has points of excellence which we are promoting with the aim of strengthening the extroversion of the destination. Wild nature, exoticism, hiking, museums with global influence and gastronomy create experiences, just two hours from Athens”, said the Mayor of Andros Dimitris Lotsaris in a statement.