Second and decisive match to claim his top prize Survivor: Dinner with relatives.

The Fighters they were better in the match and gained a significant lead, when suddenly the aponto Takis kicked after losing the bucket of water and was injured. The doctor had to protect the player and asked him not to compete unless the necessary requirements were met first.

The Blue but they realized that the departure of Takis favors their opponents, and they asked to take the usual penalty, but their request was not accepted and they chose to stop the match in order not to pass the injustice imposed by Takis Karagounias with his recklessness.

The match finally went on the next day with Takis fully healthy.

The Fighters picked up where they had left off, and slowly worked their way to total victory.

The prize, after a third match was played to determine the winner, was finally decided on flag race, i.e. in a final showdown full of pressure and tension.

The winners were the Reds.

Devastated by the defeat of the Fighters, just before leaving for their huts, they excitedly heard Giorgos Lianos announce to them that they too would have some time to say goodbye to their relatives.

And so it happened, and Ilias Bogdanos found another reason to burst into tears when he found himself with his partner, Alexandra.

On the other hand, the victorious Reds had significantly more time to enjoy their loved ones. Takis Karagounia’s reaction when he realized how much his daughter has grown was a great moment.