Interview on the show “Our Breakfast” gave by Spyros Martikas and the Vrisida Andriotou and they themselves spoke, among other things, about their experience of “Survivor All Star”.

He revealed that every Wednesday he offers “love meal”, while he thanked his sister for continuing this initiative while he was in the game. On the question of whether he will run for mayor, Spyros Martikas revealed that there have been some discussions, which he does not know if he will “thrive.” “It’s still too early”he said.

As for the comments the two received about their flamboyance when they met at the airport after Martikas exited the game, they said: “Instead of (the shows) seeing a couple in love and saying how nice, they commented on all the bad things that could come out of them.”

For his part, Spyros Martikas reported on Vrisida Andriotou. “My love for Briseis increased. She stood as a lady while I was away and that’s an honor to her. I was in the game too and fought for her too. And this is much stronger than some people intend. Marialena jumped up and said she was leaving. “My Marialena, you are probably weak…” Vrisidea Andriotou pointed out on the same issue that this is a game, whenever, as she said, “it is logical that his teammates wanted Spyros to leave, who was the strongest player in the audience”.

Regarding the issue that had arisen with Eurydiki Papadopoulou, Spyros Martikas said: “We will not underestimate ourselves to talk about Eurydiki Papadopoulou. We have a high sense of self-esteem. A big “pity”. He was coming into my house and he’s just never coming back.”

For Nikos Bartzis, Spyros Martikas said that “play with strategy» and added: “In this game I saw for the first time how the strategy of bad luck is played. With Bartzis, I experienced the darkness and the Middle Ages in the first two months! Stathis left, I moved away from Bartzis and breathed in the game.”

Finally, to the question of what he missed the most while he was in the game, Spyros Martikas said: “The Vrisidaki. My lady is gone, lady I found her.”