Andrew Tate, the “toxic” influencer, who likes to call himself “Top G” (in street slang the “G” stands for gangster), denied he was “fueling” a culture of misogyny and defended his reputation in an interview with the BBC.

The “toxic” influencer he again appeared “confident” of his innocence and borderline aggressive when asked about the case, namely the charges of rape, human trafficking and exploitation of women for which he is being investigated by Romanian prosecutors.

Asked if his controversial views on women were harming young people, he claimed he was a “force for good” and that he was “acting under God’s command to do good things”.

He rejected the testimony of individual women involved in the current investigation who accused him of rape and exploitation. “I know the case better than you, I know it well and you don’t, I’ve seen all the criminal files and evidence against me and you don’t, I know the truth about what happened and you don’t,” he characteristically told journalist Lucy Williamson.

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“And I tell you with certainty, I have never harmed anyone, the case against me is completely fabricated and I will never be found guilty of anything,” he added.

When asked about the organizations that accuse him of many incidents of assaults on girls and harassment of female teachers, he said: “I have never, ever encouraged a student to attack a teacher, male or female, never.

I preach hard work, discipline. I’m a sportsman, I preach anti-drugs, I preach religion, I preach no alcohol, I preach no knife crime. I am against every problem of modern society.”

Andrew Tate was arrested on December 29 on charges of human trafficking and rape. Officers raided his hideout and say they found guns, knives and large sums of cash. Top G and his younger brother, 34-year-old Tristan, were led into jail in handcuffs. Two Romanian women, Georgiana Naghel and a former police officer named Alexandra Luana Radu, were also arrested.

Andrew Tate is a social media phenomenon. His TikTok content has been viewed more than 12.7 billion times. No one else on the platform comes close to him. He claims to have mastered social media algorithms and his posts are like a cyber plague. His career didn’t start on the internet. He was a successful kickboxer.

In 2009, it was the first in its category in Europe. Experts spoke of his “multi-layered techniques” and “sharp punches to the body”. But by 2016, Andrew Tate, as the “Guardian” newspaper writes, had left the ring and entered another arena: television, specifically a well-known reality show. He has repeatedly argued that Romanian prosecutors have no evidence and claimed their case is a “political” plot to silence him.