In the multitude of performances, new records and creations, there are very few times when you feel that something shook you in such a way that you carry it with you for a long time. Recently I had two such experiences. The first had to do with performance “Goodbye, Lindita” by the twenty-year-old Mario Banussi, while the second with the dreamy music of the – also twenty-year-old – performer, songwriter and musician, with the artistic pseudonym Alkyone.

Alkyone she is a girl who lives and works as a special education teacher in Edessa, with an ethereal voice, a mystagogical aesthetic and classical piano studies. She grew up surrounded by music, since her father is an amateur musician and she participated from time to time in his band.

The first time we heard something of hers, was when in the fall of 2022 she uploaded to her YouTube channel her eerie arrangement of the traditional Epirotian “My unfamiliar birds”, while a little later, in February 2023, another wonderful arrangement followed in “Aeriko” by Thanasis Papakonstantinou. The latter, in fact, loved Alkyone’s version so much that he invited her to join him on his summer tours this year.