Tsakiris: “No worries about Almeida, they have discussed everything about transfers to AEK”


The latest news her AEK about the plans for the next season conveyed by George Tsakiris to News Bulletin 247.

There is no problem regarding the future of Matias Almeida. It has to do with a personal matter, concerning his partner, and it did not make the coach’s press conference possible. Where we are, I find it a bit difficult. He should not go (Tuesday) and stay, but it can be done afterwards in the pre-season, just before the team leaves for Holland. As long as he wants to, and has something to say. It was a good opportunity to discuss several things with him, such as the Pineda issue, or cases concerning the strengthening of the roster. Also, an issue concerns the future of Amrabad or Javella, for whom if he declared that he wanted them, he might change the facts“, the team reporter initially reported.

Almeida is a coach who has a harmonious relationship with the people of AEK, with Kone, Kuharski and the people of the scouting department, but also with the strong man of the club. It won’t bring anything new. They have discussed them and it is a process that takes place throughout the season. Transfers, when we are in a live period, the contact is not just regular, but daily and there are many discussions about strengthening the squad. If Javellas leaves he needs a stopper, he needs a midfielder because of Amrabad and he needs to get a forward. These are issues that are in the foreground“, he added.

Source: Sport Fm

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