French fashion house Chloé confirmed that he will be the first partner of her new sustainable fashion company Angelina Jolie, Atelier Jolie, which the actress presented last month.

Chloé announced that the first women’s ready-to-wear collection will be “an exercise in modern femininity” that celebrates “authentic woman-to-woman bonds.”

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The collection will be co-designed by Angelina Jolie and Chloé’s creative director Gabriela Hirst and will honor “both brands’ respective commitments to improving social and environmental sustainability with greater transparency and responsibility.”

It will draw on the French fashion house’s network of international manufacturers alongside Atelier Jolie’s integrated core principles of ethical and sustainable practice.

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Chloé added that the collection will incorporate a higher percentage of materials with a lower environmental impact than any previous collection from the fashion house.

It will consist primarily of evening wear, offer a timeless aesthetic inspired by multi-year ensembles from Jolie’s own wardrobe, and stand out for fluid silhouettes and textural details, as well as artisans from a Fair Trade business and women-led social enterprises.

“Profits from the collaboration will be invested in creating apprenticeships for tailors and artisans at Atelier Jolie“, explained the American actress.