1. Der Wij / Вии: Piraeus 260 “opens” this year with Kirill Serebrennikov’s anti-war performance

With the long-awaited performance “Der Wij / Вии” this year’s Piraeus 260 program opens on June 7 and 8. Subversive director Kirill Serebrennikov comes to the Athens and Epidaurus Festival with a work-complaint about the inhuman face of war, in an international co-production with the Thalia Theater in Hamburg. Vii, a play featuring Russian, Ukrainian and German actors who each speak their own languages, encapsulates Kirill Serebrennikov’s opposition and abhorrence of war. In a fictional horror novel he wrote in 1835, the Ukrainian-born Nikolai Gogol, inspired by a popular Slavic legend, invented a terrifying creature called the Vii. His eyelids were so long that they touched the ground, he was almost blind, but when he managed to open them, a single glance from him was capable of killing those he saw. Taking the legend of Vii as a starting point, Serebrennikov creates a performance of unbearable cruelty as well as poetically powerful.

Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8/6 at 21:00
Piraeus 260 – Room D, Kallithea

2. The Dog, the Night and the Knife, by Marius von Magenburg in Piraeus 260

One of the most successful performances of the 2022 artistic program, “The Dog, the Night and the Knife”, is presented again at Piraeus 260. A nightmare with splatter and comic elements, a paranoid and crudely entertaining parable of our absurd reality. Giorgos Koutlis, head of the Experimental Stage of the National Theater and immovable director, returns with the contemporary work of the Schaubühne’s subversive dramatist Marius von Magenburg. “M” is at the dead end of an abandoned road. He has no idea how he got here. The only thing he remembers is that he ate clams. The night falls heavily and by dawn “M” will have stabbed himself, he will have stabbed himself, he will have met people who want to eat him, he will have seen time stand still and only at the end, for the first time, will he feel that he is not afraid. Starring (alphabetically): Dimitra Vlagkopoulou, Thanos Lekkas, Vassilis Magouliotis.

7-10/6 at 21:00
Piraeus 260 – Room H, Kallithea

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