How Bruna Vieira became a pioneer among bloggers without leaving literature aside


Luisa Monte

Bruna Vieira, 29, is from the time of outdated MySpace and Orkut, was successful with a blog and has already released seven books — four novels, two comics and a collection of poems. In early July, she reinforces her presence on streaming with the second season of “De Volta ao 15” (Netflix), a series based on her book of the same name, with Maisa and Camila Queiroz playing the 15- and 30-year-old versions of the same character.

Days before, still in June, Prime Video premiered “Spring” from “An Unforgettable Year”, a book he wrote in partnership with other giants of Brazilian children’s literature: Thalita Rebouças, Paula Pimenta and Babi Dewet. The adaptation features 4 films released in sequence by Prime Video.

Bruna understands like few others the gear that moves the market and knows that her work complements each other. “I’m at the end that writes and also in the one that disseminates. My projection as an influencer helps to sell the stories”, says she, one of the pioneers as a blogger and author, and in the sale of streaming rights.

In the midst of a generation of influencers, she talks daily in Instagram Stories with her loyal audience, which she affectionately treats as “readers”, as if she were still posting on the blog. “Sharing all my stages is what sets me apart,” she says.

A quick look at her social network account is all it takes to see that she actually puts this theory into practice: there are details and intimate moments of her routine, comments and photos of romantic relationships, family life and even the loss of her great-aunt Inha in May of this year, recorded by Folha in its obituary section.

Anyone who sees the Instagram of 1.6 million followers and the confidence and self-esteem she conveys is certainly surprised by the description that today’s Bruna makes of that of 15 years ago, when she was a teenager and lived in Leopoldina, a city in the interior of Minas Gerais: “Shy, I hated every little part of my body and suffered for a platonic love”.

The blog helped her to overcome complexes and made her move to São Paulo at 18. After more than 10 years writing and speaking to an audience that was teenagers and grew up with her, Bruna, 29, finds it difficult to reach today that same niche in which began: “it’s completely different”. She says she turns to TikTok content as “an attempt to understand how they see the world”.

Going back to the time of the blog, the author remembers how she started to write novels: “My writing was always intuitive. In the beginning, I wrote chronicles for the blog. Gutemberg publishing house saw talent in me to be a novelist”.

Bruna now wants to study, learn about scripts and work on writing. “I completed one job after another, I never had the opportunity to take a course”, she says, when asked about her plans for the coming years.

Source: Folha

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