For the first time, a baby was found today in the seats of the Italian parliament, where MP Gilda Sportiello breastfed her two-month-old son.

The chairman of the meeting welcomed two-month-old Federico to the Italian lower house, saying: “It is the first time, with the support of all parties. Best wishes to Federico for a long, free and peaceful life,” said Giorgio Mule, and the distinguished guest received a standing ovation. “Now, let’s talk quietly,” Moulet added.

Last November, the House Rules Committee allowed female MPs to breastfeed their babies in the chamber until they were one year old.

“Too many women stop breastfeeding prematurely, not by choice but because they are forced to return to the workplace,” said Sportiello, an MP for the Five Star Movement.

In October Giorgia Meloni became Italy’s first prime minister, but about 2/3 of MPs are men.

Although today’s breastfeeding was the first in the Italian parliament, it was 13 years ago that Licia Ronzuli, now a Forza Italia senator, breastfed her baby daughter at the seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.