Ludmilla gets an injunction against Mario Frias for publishing fake news

Ludmilla gets an injunction against Mario Frias for publishing fake news

Ludmilla obtained an injunction in her lawsuit against federal deputy Mario Frias (PL-SP) for spreading fake news. In March of this year, the actor and former Special Secretary for Culture in the government of Jair Bolsonaro insinuated, on his Twitter profile, that the singer would have received about 5 million reais, through the Rouanet Law. He also claimed that the money would be allocated to a TV program that would tell the artist’s story.

Mario Frias will have to comply with the determination of the Justice of Rio de Janeiro to remove the content on his social networks within 48 hours. Otherwise, he will have to pay a daily fine, whose amount was not revealed, for non-compliance with the order. The decision came out on Friday (2).

In a note released by the advisory, the singer regrets that false news still permeates social networks, spreading misinformation and hatred among the population.

In the post, which gained repercussions on the internet, the deputy shared a montage of Ludmilla alongside the President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, with a headline about the support that the artist gave to the election campaign of the president-elect, in October. Below the federal deputy’s publication was a photo from the Official Gazette, showing information about a television program provisionally titled “Ludmilla, Solta a Batida”.

At the time of posting, the singer refuted the statements and clarified that she has no connection with the project and attached a note from the producer responsible for the program, Filmes do Ecuador. “Jokes aside, the project exists, but I have no connection with it. Below is a document from the production company responsible for the project, explaining what caused the misunderstanding.”

Source: Folha

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