Relaxing on the beach and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the lake. No one would have thought that Lake Orestiada, known to everyone as Lake Kastoria, would be a top tourist destination in the middle of the summer months, which, in addition to rowing, skiing and sailing, would also be suitable for sunbathing and long diving.

“We were mostly used to it when we were children, but in recent years it has been organized in some parts of the lake”, Kastoria’s deputy mayor for tourism, Athanasios Remos, will tell APE-MPE.

“The lake is in excellent condition, while the Beach”, a specific area of ​​the lake suitable for swimming, as Mr. Remos says, “is also paved with small gravels”.

The depth of the lake ranges from 1.5 to 12 meters, with its average temperature, especially in the summer months, considered good for swimming. A well-known destination for a refreshing escape, Lake Kastoria has an international reputation for the rowing sports held on it, while bathers can enjoy its calm waters by pedal boat, canoeing, kayaking, as well as exploring its vast expanse and idyllic surroundings. landscapes, with the boat “OLYMPIA”.


Lake Kastoria, which is the 11th largest lake in Greece, is a rich wetland, while the responsibility for its environmental protection and management rests with the Prespa National Park and Western Macedonia Protected Areas Management Unit of the Natural Environment and Climate Change Organization.

“Lake Kastoria also hosts excursions, short cruises and other walking and nature-loving activities to discover the natural heritage of the water systems.

Rowing, picnicking on boats, exploring and bird watching are just some of the related and comparable activities that can arise. Canoeing, pedal boating, fishing, as well as hiking, climbing, mountain biking, are popular options for lakeside and mountain activities that can provide both a dynamic sense of wellness and experiential adventure.

In addition, the city of Kastoria has the comparative advantage of being in the middle of the lake basin. Prespes, the lake of Ohrid and Ioannina, Vegoritida, Chimaditida and the artificial lake of Polyphytos are all within an hour’s distance and offer a unique wealth of birdlife, while they are important bird watching destinations and provide the possibility of other lakes activities. The creation of an internationally recognized joint lake brand with activities in different lakes and the creation of joint escape packages is under way”, the Deputy Mayor of Kastoria Tourism points out to APE-MPE.


In addition to all these activities in recent summers, swimming in Lake Kastoria is considered the crowning glory of the preferences of the locals, but also of the tourists who “dive” at every opportunity.

“This is a special experience, which does not involve any danger, as long as you know how to swim”, the deputy mayor of Kastoria Tourism, Athanasios Rimos, concludes to APE-MPE.

The fact is, however, that in addition to the refreshing dips, even next to the white swans that swim carelessly, outdoor “snacks” are also set up on the shores of the lake, while their place of honor is the lakeside taverns that offer a thousand and two local delicacies with fresh fish, making the experience of the visitors unforgettable and thus claiming, deservedly, a high position of preference as a tourist destination, competing even with many of the country’s idyllic coasts.