Denilson asks for blocking Belo’s prize at Dança dos Famosos; singer wants to recalculate debt


Leonardo Volpato

Since the early 2000s, today’s Band commentator Denilson has been demanding that singer Belo pay him a millionaire debt. However, the lawsuit dragged on for more than 20 years.

The most recent movement took place last month. According to information from the Court of Justice of São Paulo, there was an urgent request from the commentator Denilson to block any remuneration to be received by the singer Belo in the painting Dança dos Famosos, from Domingão com Huck. When sought, none of the five-time champion’s lawyers were found. Denilson also did not respond to requests.

According to Belo’s lawyer, Marcelo Passos, the request was contested the next day by him and his team with the allegation that “there is no way he could request any blocking in the current status of the action” and that “the process is in the awaiting referral to an accountant who will recalculate the outstanding balance”.

In conversation with F5, Passos claims that the calculations made by Denilson and his lawyers would be wrong. While he asks for about R$ 7 million from Belo, the singer believes that the debt is R$ 4.5 million. He claims that the court found that there were signs of irregularity in the numbers presented by the former player.

The lawyer says that he had already written 11 minutes with a negotiation proposal for that amount and that the commentator would not have accepted it, that the case “became personal” and that “every hour he finds a problem”.

“The process is stopped for recalculation. Now, let the Justice define how much we owe. When that happens we can see a new agreement. There is no deadline”, adds Passos.

Belo and Denilson have been at odds since the then athlete, at the time at Betis, in Spain, bought the rights to the band Soweto, and Belo, the then vocalist, asked to leave the group, being sued by the footballer for moral damages. In the action, Denilson argued that Belo left the band without paying compensation.

Source: Folha

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