Regina Duarte: Actress is warned by Instagram for the tenth time for fake news


One more, among the many posts by Regina Duarte on social media, received a fake content seal on Instagram. The actress has a history of sharing untrue publications, and the most recent one becomes the tenth.

In the video, a woman comments on the meeting between vice president Geraldo Alckmin (PSB) and Klaus Schwab, German economist and president of the World Economic Forum, which took place on May 17. Identified as Karen Moura, the author of the recording theorizes about the reason for the meeting and says that the German is related to the Great Reset.

The platform took notice of the post and placed a red stamp on the content with the notice that the content was checked by independent fact checkers.

The proposal is an economic plan on climate change and global sustainability that thinks about the future of the planet. In the misleading video, she also says that the goal of the project’s creators is to restructure the West.

On the day of the meeting, Alckmin shared a photo next to Klaus and said that he dealt with important internationals. “We discussed the perspectives of sustainable development in Brazil, with low carbon industry, bioeconomy and the adoption of new technologies for the green transition.”

In April, Regina received the same badge from the platform when she shared a lying video about the January 8 coup attacks.

Source: Folha

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