Pride Day: See celebrities overthrew taboo and revealed they are LGBTQIA+


Gone are the days when it was taboo to speak openly about one’s sexuality in a public way. Proof of this are the many artists who have decided to throw open their closet doors in recent years — something unthinkable just a few years ago, even more so among those who were already exposed because of their profession.

This June 28, when the International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day is celebrated, the F5 recalls famous names that have already declared to be part of the acronym. A gesture that may seem simple from the outside, but that involves a lot of courage for involving, in addition to several personal triggers, the fear that this could harm their careers.

An example of this is Bruno Fagundes, who in early 2023 made public his relationship with fellow actor Igor Fernandez. In an interview, the son of Antonio Fagundes claimed to have heard throughout his career that he would fail because he was gay. “We need to celebrate our life and fight for rights. I fought until I felt comfortable being myself and in doing so I hope to encourage, stimulate, inspire people to do the same.”

Also very active in defending LGBTQIA+ rights, Bruna Linzmeyer is another one who shares many clicks alongside her girlfriend, Marta Lopes. In addition to being an actress, she now also invests in a screenwriting career and writes a series about the sport within the community.

Reynaldo Gianecchini supports the fight, but prefers not to name what he feels. After years of speculation, in 2019 he stated that he has already been in relationships with both men and women. “I didn’t assume I was gay,” he told Pop magazine. “I said that I am everything. That it’s very broad, that everything fits inside me, that I don’t fit in any drawer. It’s a political attitude to say that nowadays.”

Check out other LGBTQIA+ celebrities in the gallery above.

Source: Folha

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