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Explosion Sarah Jessica Parker: No to half-hearted comments about women’s age |


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Sarah Jessica Parker’s “explosion” is caused by the criticism she and her co-stars in “Sex and the City” received for how their appearance changed over time. “There is so much half-hearted gossip about us that it would never be for a man,” the 56-year-old actress told Vogue in the accompanying interview for her cover photo in December.

“Gray hair, gray hair, gray hair. Does she have gray hair?”

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“I’m sitting with (presenter) Andy Cohen and he’s all gray-haired and he’s gorgeous,” Parker said. “Why is it OK for him? I do not know what to tell you guys! ”

The two meters and weights are something that the star of the movie “And Just Like That…” and many other famous women have been tolerating for years. But in the age of Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, Parker believes that the scrutiny of people’s appearance has become more intense.

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“It’s almost as if people don’t want us to be okay with where we are today, as if they enjoy hurting what we are today, whether we choose to age normally and not look perfect, or if we do something if it makes us feel better “, Parker commented.

“I know what I look like. “I have no choice,” he added. “What can I do about it? Should I stop aging? Do I Disappear? “


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