Something is Baking Again: The kitchens are on fire! |

Something is Baking Again: The kitchens are on fire!  |

Five young contestants at “Something is Baking Again” open their homes this week in Konstantina Spyropoulou!

Makis, the youngest of the company, starts the cooking week. He comes from the beautiful Atalanti, he grew up in the village and is used to his mother’s food, so the comparison, every time he tries something different, is inevitable. A calm and benevolent boy, but in the end, as they say, what shines is not gold!

On Tuesday 9/11, the smiling and well-traveled Panagiotis welcomes us to his house. He does not like to lie, he eats all his food and is the soul of the company. He believes that with his humor he will win the impressions, because with cooking… he does not see it!

Wednesday 10/11 is the day of music and the house of Athenaida is dominated by smells and song. She is quiet all week, but on her own day the atmosphere is quite festive. She is not very happy with the dishes she prepares. Her food is simple, but Makis does not seem willing to try.

Thursday 11/11 belongs to the beautiful Eleni. She shares with Konstantina love stories from the past and enjoys the process in the kitchen. She has not been happy with her teammates’ dishes throughout the week, but she does not hold a grudge against anyone. Makis, however, is very demanding towards her.

The week closes with Spyros from Corfu. He sharply criticizes the rest of the company for their dishes, but receives the same treatment. Eleni hides a big surprise for him.

The 2,500 euros are waiting for the best!

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