Even if a house is big, many times the kitchen area lacks space. But that’s no reason to neglect her her decoration. Don’t be disappointed if you want to develop your talent in cooking, because a small one kitchen it shouldn’t hold you back.

Here are three top tips to decorate your mini kitchen like a pro.

  • Use the height of the room

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When you don’t have floor space, a clever trick is to use the height of the room. Kitchen equipment, food or dishes. Put shelves and cabinets on the walls and store, for example, the utensils you rarely use at the top and the rest as low as possible so that they are accessible.

But to give the impression that the space has increased, be careful not to prevent natural light from entering the room.

  • Use every inch of space

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Don’t leave any corner empty. Every centimeter of your kitchen is a place to add a shelf, a storage basket or even a small appliance. But choose better light-colored elements that will make the room seem larger.

Additional tip: regardless of the size of your kitchen, it should be very organized in three areas: In the sink so you can comfortably wash the dishes, in the place you use to prepare meals and of course in the kitchen stoves.

  • Prioritize the workbench

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After installing all the cooking appliances, it is very important to have a comfortable and clean space for preparation. Even if it is very small, it is essential if you want to enjoy cooking in your kitchen to the fullest.

Everything is a matter of proper organization!