Tom Holland Opens Up About Alcoholism: ‘It Really Scared Me’


Tom Holland vented about the period when he was addicted to alcohol and how he managed to get rid of the problem. On an episode of Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast last Monday (10), the “Spider-Man” star also told how he achieved sobriety.

Holland said he realized the problem when he decided to go through the month of January 2022 without ingesting alcohol: “I was waking up and thinking about it. I was always checking the clock … And it really freaked me out.”

“Maybe I have a bit of a problem with alcohol,” was the actor’s reaction to realizing the impact brought on by sober time. “So I decided to punish myself and said, ‘I’m going to do February too’.” In this way, Holland continued the journey of sobriety and decided to extend the period to six months.

Zendaya’s boyfriend said that the first few months were not easy: “I would go to work events, but I would think: ‘I can’t have fun unless I have a beer'”.

“When June 1 came, it was the happiest day of my life,” he said of the end of the six months, which then turned into a year and a half. He commented on how he currently feels, being sober: “I have better mental clarity. I’ve started to feel healthier, fitter.”

Holland also encouraged listeners to give up alcohol addiction: “if I could encourage someone to drink less, that would be great”.

Source: Folha

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