After about 6 months “Survivor All Star” came to an end. Game winner emerged o Sakis Katsouliswho got the most votes from Nikos Bartziswinning it the game’s grand prize, 100,000 euros.

Sakis Katsoulis and Nikos Bartzis spoke at broadcast “Dekatians”, with Yiannis Pittaras and Giorgos Grigoriadis, on SKAI. As “Survivor All Star” winner Sakis Katsoulis said, “we lived the game differently. It seemed like an age before we got out. All the players who had come out of the game had changed.”

The presenters, joking with Nikos Bartzis, asked him when he will get a haircut and shave, with him answering when “I’m going to Zevgolatio.”

Sakis Katsoulis, who had emerged winner of ‘Survivor’ 2021, it is the second time he “lifts” the winner’s cup. Asked by the presenters if anyone has asked him on loan, Sakis Katsoulis revealed that he had experienced this strongly in 2021. However, the game winner did not want to make any further comment.

Naturally the presenters couldn’t help but ask him about the his partner, Marialenaand about “women’s whining in Santo Domingo these 6 or so months left in the game,” as the presenters put it. “Marialena is not grumpy”, said Sakis Katsoulis. And she continued: “He’s my man. We’re not just friends. The point is that the production will also show the grumble. It won’t show the rest of the piece, that we are fine. Thus, Marialena came out grumpily, who is not…’.

For his victory, Sakis Katsoulis said that it was a moment of reliefsince after so long, now, in the game he was tired. “We were on the other side of the world for six months and ten days.”

For Nikos Bartzis who got close to the source, but who finally “didn’t manage to drink water”, he said: “This is a matter for the world. People take you there. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I have been nominated so many times and he has shown me his love. I’ve reached the final and I hope I can find a way to please people.”

Regarding his “difficult character”, as his father said in yesterday’s final game, Nikos Bartzis emphasized that this is his character. “People loved me and brought me this far because of the Nikos they have met. In the game I showed what I really am.”

About the feeling of hunger, both players said it’s hard for someone to understand if they haven’t experienced it. “In general, the conditions are not described and the cameras show little of what we live and feel. The conditions are quite difficult, it is about real survival and on a psychological level. We are two players who have spent about 12 months on TV. For sure, this game teaches you to push your limits.”

Nikos Bartzis said that he now wants to leave the “Survivor” chapter behind. “I want to rest and I’m glad the game is over”he added.