Pedro Scooby responds to criticism for going out to a party with another woman: ‘It’s becoming a circus’


Pedro Scooby made a new statement this Friday (14th) regarding the controversial ride he offered Larissa Dalpasquale after the party of soccer player Vini Jr. The surfer stated that he would be brief and direct when addressing the matter.

“I’m going to try to be very direct here and save your time, because this is ceasing to be a Mexican soap opera and becoming a circus”, began the statement, in a video published in Instagram stories. “If I don’t say anything, I’m consenting. And if I say something, I’m trying to justify myself. That is, people are never satisfied, because on the internet, everyone is perfect”, he continued.

Then, Scooby pinned some criticism: “Including, people know what’s best for others, because nobody makes mistakes here. But in real life, it’s very different”. Afterwards, he reinforced how much he had already talked to his wife, Cintia Dicker, about what happened. “If I came back late from a party with my wife’s consent, if I offered someone a ride, I owe my wife an apology. And that’s what I did. I apologized to her, and we’re fine, thank God.”

“That’s life, we evolve, learn, adapt, understanding what’s best for our relationship. We’re a couple. It’s our marriage. Just to say we’re fine and together,” he concluded.

Source: Folha

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