Nicole Avant will release her memoir titled “Think You’ll Be Happy: Moving Through Grief With Grit, Grace, and Gratitude” in October.

“It’s not a book about death, it’s a book about life – or, more specifically, it’s a book about how to live with gratitude, thanksgiving, and service. It’s also about toughness: how to face the most terrible thing imaginable and choose to move forward with love,” the author points out.

In the book, according to Variety, the philanthropic film producer and diplomat writes candidly about coming to terms with the tragic death of her mother, Jacqueline, who was fatally shot during a robbery at her Beverly Hills home in 2021.

“Getting out there and being creative helps me a lot,” Avant says. “I’m grieving and I’m crying and I’m angry and I’m furious about what happened – there’s no doubt about it. But I will move forward because the best thing I can do for my mother is to live my life. The best way to honor her soul is to live my life to the fullest» he emphasizes.

Nicole Avant grew up in Los Angeles among some of Hollywood’s biggest stars because her father, Clarence Avant, is one of the most influential executives and producers in the music industry.

Nicole is a producer on, among others, the biopic about her father “The Black Godfather,” the film “Trees of Peace” and the upcoming Tyler Perry historical drama “Six Triple Eight.” She is a former diplomat, having served as the US ambassador to the Bahamas when Barack Obama was president.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband of 14 years, Netflix chief Ted Sarandos.

Nicole Avant offers hope and inspiration to anyone facing life’s most difficult moments. Speaking from personal experience, she shares how pain is turned into purpose and tragedy into love, the book synopsis states. “I want readers to be happy and productive and to live with gratitude for all the great advantages that a loving universe has lent us,” he notes.