‘Succession’ star Brian Coxstated, among other things, that the recently called a strike by Hollywood actors it could become “very unpleasant” and last until the end of the year, driving the actors “to the brink”.

In an interview on Friday with Sky News, the 77-year-old British actor said the decision by the SAG-AFTRA union to call its 160,000 members on strike “could get very, very unpleasant”. The strike, announced on Thursday, “could continue for some time. They will lead us to the brink, and we will probably need to get to the brink. It is likely to last until the end of the year,” he added.

He expressed his support for the Writers Guild of America (WGA). Without the writers, the famous actor said “we have nothing… That’s why we have series like White Lotus, like Succession…”.

Writers and actors alike are calling for increases in base pay and residuals (financial compensation paid to actors, directors, and other artists involved in TV shows and movies in reruns, rebroadcasts, DVD releases, or streaming media) in the age of television. streaming and ensuring that their work is not replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Cox also spoke about actors’ concerns about the use of AI in film and television production. “We don’t know the extent to which it can work,” he said. “He really is the bogeyman.”