Fourth place for Evangelia Plataniotis at the Fukuoka World Championship


In 4th place of the World Athletics Championships, finished Evangelia Plataniotisstaying out of medals, then the program she presented in her pool Fukuoka.

The Greek champion collected a total of 252.2400 points, degree of difficulty 26.2000, artistic impression 101.9500, execution 140.5500), a harvest that was not enough to bring her to the podium.

The gold medal was won by Yukiko Inui who with 276.57.17 points kept her scepter, while the second place and the silver medal was won, representing Austria, by Vassiliki Alexandra, who collected 264.4200 points. The bronze medal went to Spain’s Iris Tio Casas.

The ranking of the final

1. Yukiko Inui (Japan) 276.5717

2. Vasiliki Alexandri (Austria) 264.4200

3. Iris Tio Casas (Spain) 254.2100

4. Evangelia Plataniotis (Greece) 242,500

5. Susanna Pedotti (Italy) 223.7133

6. Andrey Lamott (Canada) 216.4351

7. Kira Hovertz (Aruba) 212,1967

8. Clara Blair (Germany) 202.4266

9. Ryyoung Lee (South Korea) 200.8383

10.Orian Gaillardon (France) 193.4234

11.Karina Magrupova (Kazakhstan) 192.3200

12.Kate Shortman (UK) 192.0267

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