Relaxation, magical sunsets, but also a Country that looks almost fake, as if it came out of a fairy tale.

All these together make her Folegandrosa destination that has risen in recent years in the preferences of travelers and especially those who want to live a different experience, to feel the atmosphere of the Cyclades – a bit like traveling back in time.

Vacations begin with the journey, whatever the destination.

In the crowded Cyclades, every traveler will find the ideal destination.

At Mykonos for a cosmopolitan atmosphere, non-stop entertainment and fashionable hangouts, in Arhontissa Paro with the unexplored corners or on the rocks Koufonisia and Folegandros for breathless and real vacations from the tension of everyday life to a more relaxed pace, whatever your destination is, however big your group, vacations begin with the journey.

And to be AND YOU JET, traveled with it SUPERRUNNER Jet by SEAJETS.


Speed, unique comfort and luxury with SEAJETS.

The SUPERRUNNER Jet ensures travel with incomparable speed, unique comfort and luxury, it has a capacity of 800 passengers and can carry 140 vehicles. Travel to Mykonos, Naxos, reach Paros in just 3.35′ and if you choose Koufonisia you will be at your destination in just 5 hours and 10 minutes with one of the four routes every week!

Travel with one of SUPERRUNNER JET’s daily routes from Piraeus at 08:45 to:
• Mykonos in 2 hours & 50 minutes (Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday & Sunday)
• Paro in 3 hours & 35 minutes
• Naxos in 4 hours & 15 minutes
• Koufonisia in 5 hours & 10 minutes (Every Monday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

More information and reservations:

• 210 710 7 710
• To your travel agent