Xuxa x Marlene Mattos: ‘You can have results or excuses, not both’, says former businesswoman


While Xuxa and people around her (paquitas and longtime friends) seem not to fear possible legal actions when saying what they think of Marlene Mattos (abusive relationship, moral harassment, etc.), the businesswoman chose to act otherwise.

Marlene has already warned that she will only officially speak out about the way she has been portrayed in the series “Xuxa, o Documentário”, after her testimony is aired – which is scheduled to happen on August 10th. While this last episode does not arrive, the former director of “Xou da Xuxa” has been using her networks to manifest herself, with clear indirect messages to her former pupil.

Well-done indirect hits the target and does not process; anyone who has the advice of good lawyers knows this.

This Monday (17), came the most recent blast: “You can have results or excuses, not both!”, just like that, with an exclamation. “I will continue to fight for results. It’s just the way I am,” continued Marlene in the caption. Deborah Secco liked it vehemently and put three little hearts there.

Three days earlier, the businesswoman had posted another message, a little more subtle as it fits multiple situations and characters: “Opportunity is a wind. A wind that needs to be identified and taken advantage of. I always do that. Winds don’t pass me without my taking advantage of them”.

wanted by F5 this Monday (17th) Marlene reiterated that she does not intend to speak to the press before her participation in the documentary directed by Pedro Bial is shown. Until then, she will pass her messages through Instagram – it is up to her followers to interpret them.

Source: Folha

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