The bill of the Ministry of the Interior with the title was submitted to the Parliament this evening “Removing restrictions on registration in the special electoral lists of foreign voters”.

The aim of the bill, which is the first to be submitted to the new Parliament by the re-elected ND government, is to abolish the obligations and procedures that limit the exercise of the right to vote to voters already registered in the electoral rolls of the Territory, for the sole reason that the these voters are outside the Territory on the day of the election or referendum.

In particular, the process of registering the voters in question in the special foreign electoral registers maintained by the Ministry of the Interior is simplified, with the abolition of the existing criteria and supporting documents, while the competent service of the ministry decides on the acceptance or rejection of the application for registration of those in the above electoral registers catalogs. The Special Inter-Party Committee for examining objections against rejection decisions for registration in the special electoral rolls is also abolished.-