Michelle Pfeiffer, a guest on Molly Sims’ “Lipstick On The Rim” podcast, talked about her perfume line and revealed that she was once subconsciously inspired by her father Richard Pfeiffer’s fragrance.

“Through the process, where the perfumers kept asking me ‘where does this take you? tell us, does it take you somewhere?’, I realized that what I was trying to create was my father’s cologne,” the actress said.

“I didn’t know I was doing that and also that the reason I felt this attraction to this particular category of fragrance was because it’s very emotional and can come from a pleasant experience in your life,” she explained.

Starting a family, as well as her concerns about the safety of perfumes, which led her to avoid them for a decade, were the reasons for the line, which she launched for the first time in April 2019, using her children’s middle names.

“I was constantly thinking and looking at what is organic and authentic about this brand. And I kept thinking of my children. So that’s their middle names, Henry and Rose, and it also reflects that it’s a genderless brand, which was important,” said Pfeiffer.

The actress is married to producer David E. Kelley and on November 13 they will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.