Prosecutions are coming for the international illegal betting ring despite cover-up efforts


The pouch of Aeolus opens for the international illegal betting ring and persecutions are comingboth disciplinary and criminal, despite the attitude of the president of the EPO, Takis Baltakou, who ruled that sports referees are unable to punish teams that appear in Sportradar files. His rationale was that they are regular judges and require full proof and not sufficient evidence with strong probability, as provided by football’s disciplinary law. In fact, he threw the ball at the government, claiming that it should legislate to untie the hands of sports judges.

However, the president of the Ethics Committee of the Federation Charalambos Kotoulopoulos does not seem to agree with the president of the EPO. Initiated disciplinary procedures for 15 involved PAEs (5 of Super League 1 and 10 of Super League 2), in two ways: Retrieved Sportradar’s 109 archived files and was informed by the Athens Prosecutor’s Office of the new Interpol data. The president of Appeals as a sports judge will follow what the Disciplinary Code provides, ie severe penalties with strong probabilities rather than a full evidentiary process.

As the “Trial” reveals, the prosecution’s investigation found messages from online applications, which capture the manipulation of match results through betting fraud. Along with testimony and legal wiretapping, they form the fuse for criminal prosecutions and arrest warrants.

Source: Sport Fm

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