Jane Birkin’s Daughters Speak Out About Mother’s Death


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On the night of this Monday (17), French actresses and singers Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon finally spoke about the death of their mother, Jane Birkin, which occurred on Sunday (18). The sisters sent out a brief press release. The text, in free translation, reads as follows:

“Jane Birkin is gone after 16 years of a hard battle with the disease. Since her stroke in September 2021, her family and wonderful professional caregivers have been by her side, night and day.

It’s been a few days since she was walking again, she was motivated to reschedule (her concerts) at the Olympia (theatre) and determined to regain her independence. This first night alone was the last. She had decided.”

The last sentence immediately sparked speculation on social media: did Jane Birkin commit suicide? The suspicion was fueled by the fact that the cause of the star’s death was not disclosed. Charlotte and Lou then spoke again, assuring that her mother died of natural causes.

Nor was it clear what illness Jane had been battling for 16 years. Several vehicles recalled that she had received a diagnosis of leukemia in 2002 – prior, however, to the period pointed out by her daughters.

Jane Birkin lost her eldest daughter, photographer Kate Barry, in 2013. Kate was the result of Jane’s marriage to John Barry, composer of the James Bond film theme, and fell from the window of her apartment in Paris, aged 46 age.

It was never officially confirmed whether it was an accident or suicide, but Jane herself, in an interview with a TV channel, reiterated the second hypothesis. “I lost confidence in myself,” she said. “I noticed the signs in time other times, but not this time.”

After her daughter’s death, Jane Birkin retired for a few years, but had already resumed professional activities when she had a stroke in 2021. Since then, she has not been seen in public.

Source: Folha

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