Desyllas: “We will see Jovanovic’s thoughts tonight ahead of Dnipro – Time for Vilena to play”


The latest news of Panathinaikouin view of tonight’s friendly with Rayo Vagecano on the Avenue, carried by Dionysis Desyllas to News Bulletin 247.

It is a strong friendly, the strongest friendly, which is the dress rehearsal for the official matches with Dnipro. Rayo is by no means a negligible quantity. They are a good small-medium team in the Spanish league, with good players, who will be able to give Jovanovic the opportunity to draw his final conclusions ahead of the games against the Ukrainians“, the team reporter initially reported.

In the first half and for the longest time, we will see an eleven that we will largely see in the matches with Dnipro. His final choices will be interesting“, he added and talked about the players who will start in tonight’s friendly.

And he continued, saying:Jovanovic wants to see the torso ahead of the games with Dnipro. At the same time, we will get a taste of Vilena, who is the penultimate transfer acquisition of Panathinaikos. He had an intensive program in the friendly, but tonight he will get some minutes. We will not see Tin Jedvai, while it is most likely that Ioannidis will be protected in view of the official matches with the Ukrainians».

Source: Sport Fm

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