Mara Maravilha points out racism when she is excluded from the group of Xuxa, Angélica and Eliana

Mara Maravilha points out racism when she is excluded from the group of Xuxa, Angélica and Eliana

Mara Maravilha commented on the exclusion of the message group formed by Xuxa Meneghel, Angélica and Eliana. The presenter said that she has no desire to get close to the trio of co-workers and pointed out that she is a victim of racism. “I dont need [fazer parte do grupo]because I respect ethnicity, social difference,” he began.

“After seeing this situation, it’s obvious that I wouldn’t want to do it either. [parte]. You at a school where there are a lot of blondes and you are rejected, isn’t that racism?” Asked the presenter.

In 2020, Angélica told Sabrina Sato about the existence of the Whatsapp group with Angélica and Xuxa. “Our Whatsapp group is extremely forbidden for minors. It has everything that children cannot see”, commented Angélica, being interrupted by Sato: “Mara is asking to join the group”. And Angélica added: “So, I don’t have a relationship with Mara. And Xuxa and Eliana don’t have much of a relationship either. She can even join the group, but we need to talk now”.

At the time, Mara said: “I would like to be part of the group. Angélica can speak for her, but not generalize about the other girls. She does not know the information. Regarding the two, I only have good stories. They are my friends.”

She also reinforced during an interview with SBT, that she did not care about being accepted or not by the other presenters, who will meet on stage during the program Criança Esperança 2023, on Globo. “My career was guided by my talent, with my achievements here at SBT, on Record, abroad and with the millions of albums I achieved”, she said.

Mara called the group formed by Xuxa Angélica and Eliana “the group of blondes” and recalled that she was always successful as a “brunette”. “I’ve also had events with millions of people, even though I’m a brunette. And if I were black, you know? In short, I never asked to be part of a group”, she evaluated.

Source: Folha

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