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The 6 Squid Game items we never imagined we wanted |


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The squid game came to stay in our lives and we found the most beautiful items on the market able to satisfy every taste.

1. The alarm clock

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Probably the most ingenious item to decorate your room. Inspired by the first game of the series, commonly the “one two, three, green light” that we played as children. You schedule the time he wants to wake you up and the fun begins. He succeeds by singing the lyrics of the game in Korean accompanied by a background siren and if you do not wake up, he will shoot an arrow at you. This item is sure to wake up the bed and the biggest sleep lovers. The alarm clock is available for order through AMAZON, with a waiting list due to high demand.

2. The figure

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The ideal item for lovers of collections. It is released by a well-known company that launches license products for merchadise experts. There are several with almost all the protagonists of the series. You will find them in toy stores.

3. Dalgona cookies

Now we can all play the game with Dalgona cookies, thanks to the special toolbox with cooking utensils for their creation. You will find it on several sites, at affordable prices. While their recipe and cooking process is available on various youtube channels.

4. The car sticker

Car decoration sticker with the doll of the first toy looking at you. This item will be highly appreciated by your friends who share with you the madness for the squid game.

5. Nail stickers

Manicure proposal, for those who want to stand out and be in fashion at the same time. These stickers are specially designed to apply to your nail and without unnecessary costs because you install them yourself. Ideal gift for you and your girlfriend.

6. The mobile phone case

The mobile case and pop up game, two in one. Ideal for the hours when you are bored while protecting your mobile phone. Based on the 3 power symbols of the series, the circle for the guards-workers, the triangle for the soldiers and the circle for those in charge.



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