The Minister of Culture, Lina Mendoni declared as monuments the buildings of the Naval Barracks (Caserma Marinai), known today as Posidonio, the Great Port Warehouse (Il Grande Magazino) in Gonia, Lakki, as well as the Aerophono and its surrounding area, in Patella, accepting the positive opinion of the Central Council of Newer Monuments.

As it informs Ministry of Defense in his statement, the monuments are typical examples of 20th century architecture: Poseidonio is an excellent example of eclecticism, the Great Warehouse of the Port is in the “Deco” style, being evidence of the Italian Occupation of the Dodecanese, during the period 1912-1943, such as and the development of the area from an architectural, cultural and historical point of view.

The complex of buildings of Aerofonos, evidence of the Italian Occupation of the Dodecanese, during the period 1912-1943, with its curved acoustic walls, its underground facilities and its surrounding area are a unique example of military architecture in Greece and one of the few surviving facilities of aerials, covering 360 degrees, in Europe.

It is preserved in excellent condition, being an important remnant of military history.

Leros presents a completely unique, for Greek standards, architectural physiognomy, being an ideal place for the implementation of our policy.

The Ministry of Culture for the promotion of the cultural reserve and the unique architectural and urban character of Leros, in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens and the University of Thessaly, have completed the strategic plan, which is the road map for the integrated management, protection and promotion of the island’s monuments, such as the Panteli Castle, the Churches of Agia Kiouras in Partheni, Agios Petros in Drymonas, Agios Zacharios and Agios Spyridonos in Merikia, the Fortress in Bourtzi and the historic Hotel “Leros”, of which we included the second phase of its restoration, with a budget of 2,197,323 euros, in the Recovery Fund”, said the Minister of Culture, among other things. And he continued: “Rehabilitation projects have already started or are underway for these projects.

At the same time, by implementing the strategic management plan, we are spreading a protection net for all the monuments of the island. The cultural heritage of Leros must be kept alive, as part of a wider development plan, historical tourism, with the aim of attracting visitors and reviving the local production process».