BBB 22: Netizens ask for Tiago Abravanel to leave for anti-fight speech

BBB 22: Netizens ask for Tiago Abravanel to leave for anti-fight speech

The first Paredão of Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo) was formed this Sunday night (23), with Luciano, Naiara and Natália in the hot seat. But, apparently, netizens have another idea, so much so that the hashtag #ForaTiago entered the most talked about topics on Twitter this Monday (24).

The reason? No fights or disrespect to confinement colleagues. Singer and actor Tiago Abravanel has defended calm in the house and even proposed a “revolution” in the Game of Discord that should happen tonight. “We don’t make disagreements,” he suggested in conversation with his companions.

Netizens did not forgive and showed that they want to see “fire in the playground” at BBB 22. “He is too cool for BBB and needs to be fired”, joked a user on Twitter. “If I were going to see harmony, I would turn on TV Aparecida”, said another. “Enemy of entertainment,” opined another.

The brother’s peaceful manner also provoked several memes, including even his grandfather Silvio Santos, owner of SBT. “Tiago Abravanel infiltrated the SBT to end the biggest source of audience of Globo”, joked an internet user. “Silvio Santos was insightful on this one, I admit,” added another.

Tiago’s peace and love speech took place after Naiara was very shaken by her nomination for Paredão. She was chosen by the leader, Douglas. Luciano, led by Naiara herself, and Natália, indicated by the house, are also on the spotlight. Jade Picon was also nominated, but got rid of the Paredão in the Bate e Volta race.

Comedian Rafael Portugal, who until last year commanded the CAT BBB board, also joked about the situation. “It’s going to ruin the show, is that right, Tiago?”, he asked on Instagram. Tiago Leifert, former presenter of the reality show, said he was relieved “to know that for the first time in 5 years it’s not me [com a rashtag #ForaTiago]”.


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