BBB 22: Vinicius stands out as the most desired on the podium by colleagues

BBB 22: Vinicius stands out as the most desired on the podium by colleagues

The Discordia Game, which usually heats up the Monday editions of the BBB, was not enough to break the atmosphere of peace and harmony among the participants of BBB 22 (Globo). The dynamics proposed by the production of the program was similar to that of previous years, but a little lighter.

In the Podium Game, participants had to imagine that they were the champions of the BBB 22 and point two colleagues to be on the podium with them, indicating who would be in 2nd and 3rd position. Some participants stood out, appearing on many podiums, such as Vinicius, from Ceará, who appeared on seven podiums (including his own).

Arthur Aguiar, Jade Picon, Linn da Quebrada and Naiara Azevedo did not appear on any podium, except for those assembled by themselves. The fact was highlighted by presenter Tadeu Schmidt at the end of the program, as an attempt to stir up tempers.

Unlike other years, it was not necessary to indicate who the participants thought would not win the program at all. This frustrated many netizens, who have been criticizing the show because the participants are too calm this first week.

The decision surprised even the participants of previous editions. Gil do Vigor, one of the main names of BBB 21, commented on social media: “There is no NãoWIN???? Is it serious???”.


Natalia – Jessilane (2nd) and Lucas (3rd)
Naiara Azevedo – Tiago Abravanel (2nd) and Jessilane (3rd)
Luciano – Douglas Silva (2nd) and Lucas (3rd)
Tiago Abravanel – Douglas Silva (2nd) and Pedro Scooby (3rd)
Bárbara – Laís (2nd) and Slovenia (3rd)
Douglas Silva – Paulo André Camilo (2nd) and Tiago Abravanel (3rd)
Pedro Scooby – Tiago Abravanel (2nd) and Paulo André Camilo (3rd)
Jade Picon – Barbara (2nd) and Brunna Gonçalves (3rd)
Paulo André Camilo – Vinicius (2nd) and Douglas Silva (3rd)
Rodrigo – Eliezer (2nd) and Vinicius (3rd)
Laís – Barbara (2nd) and Vinicius (3rd)
Brunna Gonçalves – Maria (2nd) and Vinicius (3rd)
Slovenia – Eliezer (2nd) and Vinicius (3rd)
Eliezer – Vinicius (2nd) and Slovenia (3rd)
Jessilane – Natalia (2nd) and Lucas (3rd)
Arthur Aguiar – Douglas Silva (2nd) and Tiago Abravanel (3rd)
Vinicius – Eliezer (2nd) and Rodrigo (3rd)
Linn da Quebrada – Vinicius (2nd) and Jessilane (3rd)
Lucas – Natalia (2nd) and Luciano (3rd)
Maria – Brunna Gonçalves (2nd) and Tiago Abravanel (3rd)


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