The viral video on TikTok for those who want delivery with the snow


The practice of ordering food or coffee in our area, not taking into account the bad weather conditions that may prevail when we place our orders, is stylized with a humorous video created for twitter by Greek TikToker.

The onset of severe weather “Elpis”, resulted in the whole of Attica being covered with a huge amount of snow creating an unprecedented “black out” in travel.

@xristos_raftas I wish you to go to the toilet????❄️ #psilokatalaves #mpouketa #delivery #ellinaras #xioni ♬ original sound – Raftas

As a result, in addition to the main thoroughfares, neighborhoods, especially in areas with heavy snowfall, have not been cleaned and as a result are almost inaccessible – let alone with a distributor motorbike.

TikToker Christos Raftas, who often uploads videos that go viral lately, this time “puts” those who order a delivery defying the snow.

In the video, he delivers an order himself, ironically that he arrived safely at the spot.

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