Sam Asghari would have video with betrayal of Britney Spears with mansion employee


Gradually, more details about the divorce between Sam Asghari and Britney Spears appear. Now, according to TMZ, Sam claims that he would have videos that prove a betrayal of the singer with an employee of their home in the United States.

In addition, according to sources on the site, Britney would have asked another man who provides services in his mansion to film her naked.

Due to a prenuptial agreement, Sam would not receive any money from the separation. The dancer would only have his cars and would not be entitled to any pension.

Sam’s lawyer’s attempt is to enter into a new agreement so that he receives an amount for the time they both stayed together.

Reports indicate that Britney would have committed acts of physical aggression against her now ex-husband, Sam Asghari, over the seven years they were together. Asghari revealed that on one occasion the singer gave him a black eye while he slept. The information is from TMZ.

Sources close to the couple reported to the US website that several episodes of conflict took place between them, even requiring the intervention of security guards. In a specific situation, where security was not present, the singer would have lost control and started assaulting him while they were in bed. Still according to the sources, Sam would not have fought back, but would have been stunned by the attack.

The alleged incident allegedly took place earlier this year, and around the same time, Sam was photographed with a black eye and bite marks on his forearm. The sources consulted by TMZ also revealed that Britney’s ex-husband was concerned because of the fact that the singer demonstrates a fascination with knives, keeping sharp objects in different parts of the house.

Source: Folha

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