Official: Scarpa has been announced by Olympiacos


The first of the following transfers which is in the works Olympic officially announced! Specifically, the Piraeus they welcomed Gustavo Scarpawho arrived yesterday afternoon in Greece, for the procedures.

The Brazilian midfielder, as it became known, will play on loan from Nottingham to the Greek team, which will fully cover his contract.

From there, today we wait the corresponding developments for Santiago Ezewhich will be bought by Huracan and earlier it became known that shortly after one o’clock it is expected the arrival of Ivan Brnic in Athens, for him to sign his contract as well.

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“Proposal from Widad to El Arabi”

While waiting for the arrivals for the further reinforcement of Olympiakos, the information about possible player departure from the “red and white” roster.

In particular, the information according to which Wydad Casablanca has testified comes from Morocco proposal to Youssef El Arabias conveyed by Kostas Nikolakopoulos to News Bulletin 247.

In the Moroccan striker’s home country they write how Wydad gives the player a two-year contract and, in fact, it seems that he is close to obtaining it.

Source: Sport Fm

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