Sarakiniko in Milos is one of the famous summer locations and a magnet for thousands of tourists every year.

However, Milos is not the only one with Sarakiniko.

In Parga

One of the most beautiful beaches of Parga, it has the same name but a completely different natural beauty, it is a classic Ionian beach, with clear, blue-green waters and a green landscape that surrounds it.

Sarakiniko of Parga is 12 km from the city of Parga and can be reached either by road or by boat from Parga.

The beach has fine sand and pebbles and fully organized facilities, with many options for food and drink.

In Elafonissos


Sarakiniko beach also exists in Elafonissos, which together with Simos, form the most beautiful twin beaches in Europe.

In Ithaca


On the road to Filiatro, 4 km from Vathi, is the bay of Sarakinikos with two beaches connected by a small path.

The deep blue waters of the sea enchant the traveling visitor and the rickety fishing boats, with fishermen mending their nets, add to the picturesqueness of the landscape.

In Gavdos


The beach at Sarakiniko of Gavdos is located just 1.5 km north of the port of Karave and was named after the Saracen pirates who once traditionally used the island as a base.

Sarakiniko is located at the mouth of a bay facing north. It is a dreamy blonde beach with shallow water, against a wild landscape of sand dunes and sea cedars.