Since the beginning of the month, the The Met, New York offers through the Replica application the possibility to play with five thousand years of art and bring “clothes”, inspired by works of art, to Metaverse. We’ll probably want our Roblox avatar to walk around wearing his straw hat Van Gogh from the ‘Self-portrait with a Straw Hat’ painting or Hatshepsut’s royal headdress.

The app leads users to 37 objects of the famous museum which their avatars can collect and wear.

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“This groundbreaking app brings artworks from the museum’s renowned collection into the virtual world of Roblox, changing the way visitors interact with art and creating an engaging, fun and truly unique museum journey,” he said in a statement. , the museum director Max Hollein.

Using the mobile phone to scan them artworks, stakeholders gain access to their digital equivalents as well as educational information about each project. Clues on the digital map help navigate visitors through the museum’s halls to discover activated objects, which they can turn into collectibles for the Roblox platform.

In addition, it is possible to explore in Roblox a 3D version of parts of the museum, including its Fifth Avenue facade, the Great Hall and its massive staircase (