Reynaldo Gianecchini tells that it is more common to receive stumps than sungs: ‘Package of Fame’


Reynaldo Gianecchini said that not even for him is it easy to have a hustle in his love life. The actor said that when he’s in a location, it’s hard to flirt with someone because people might not pay attention or play games.

In fact, he stated that the most common thing is to be touched rather than sung. “Yes, I’ve already been rejected and I say more. It happens a lot that I get rejected, more that than the other way around”.

As a justification, he explained that, because he is famous, when people approach him, he has to deal with the package of fame and the image they already know of him.

“I’m down to earth, but those who approach don’t look at that. She’s dealing with the image of the heartthrob on television who looks like this and that. So when the person arrives, they come with a lot of fear of not being able to face this guy on television . Or, if it’s not fear, it’s wonder”, he said in an interview with Caras magazine’s podcast.

He also said that there is a third type that prevents a possible hookup: those who play games.

“This is very annoying, sometimes something cool stops flowing because the person is pretending not to care. I tell my friends: ‘until I manage to flirt with someone and have to dodge a bunch of annoying people, you He’s already got three.”

Source: Folha

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