Cissa Guimarães celebrates arrest warrants for those involved in the death of her son, Rafael: ‘Hope for justice’


Cissa Guimarães celebrated the court decision that determines the return to prison of those involved in the car accident that caused the death of her son, Rafael Mascarenhas, in 2010. According to the Justice of Rio de Janeiro, Rafael and Roberto Bussamra must serve time, initially in semi-open regime.

“Thirteen years! And after a weekend of a lot of pain, there is comfort and hope for justice at last”, wrote the actress on Instagram. “The two who are on the run and must pay for the crimes committed” she completed.

On July 20, 2010, during a skate ride with two friends, Rafael Mascarenhas was run over by two out of control cars in the Gávea tunnel, in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro.

The 16th Criminal Court complied with the decision of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and reversed the previous determination that the father and son involved in the accident could convert prison sentences into the provision of community services. The note sent to F5 says that “The STJ accepted the appeal of the Public Ministry and concluded that the conversion of the sentence does not fit, which will have to be fulfilled initially in a semi-open regime”. They were arrested after being run over, but have been released since 2016, when an appeal allowed for conversion.

Now, Rafael Bussamra must serve three years and six months in prison, plus a suspension of his driving license during that period. Roberto Bussamra, convicted of the crime of active corruption, must serve three years, ten months and 20 days in prison, plus payment of an 18-day fine.

Source: Folha

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