Faustão’s cardiologist says he’s fine and ‘already wants to walk’


After the last medical bulletin of Fausto Silva, 73, informing that he had been extubated and that he was already breathing without the aid of equipment at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo, now the presenter’s cardiologist warns that the patient is very anxious to be able to leave the room. Faustão received a heart transplant.

“He’s fine, evolving as expected, with his heart working well, conscious. He wants to walk away now”, said Fernando Bacal to O Globo.

Despite his will, Faustão will have to wait. The first week is usually the most complicated and it is necessary to remain under observation. The medical team believes that soon it may have good news regarding the deadline for the patient’s discharge.

Faustão talks normally with his family and has had a very good evolution considered by the doctors.

Luciana Cardoso, his wife, made a post last Monday (28) to thank the family of the transplanted heart donor, who by protocol does not have his name revealed.

“I thank this blessed family that, in a moment of pain and suffering, said ‘yes’ and allowed not only Fausto to have more time with his children, but also so many other recipients who are celebrating this recovery today”, stated Luciana.

“I was very happy to know that here, in this same hospital, a person, through the SUS, also received another organ from that same recipient and his second chance at life”, she ended, revealing that other organs from the donor went to other people who were also in the transplant queue.

Source: Folha

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