Justice orders cryptocurrency company to remove advertisements with Tata Werneck from the air


Gabriel Vaquer

Currently on the air as Anely from the telenovela “Terra e Paixão”, actress Tata Werneck obtained this Thursday (31) a decision at the TJ-RJ (Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro) against Atlas Quantum, a cryptocurrency company from which was a poster girl in 2018, before being accused of fraud in the current CPI of cryptocurrencies.

The action was announced by F5 on the last 15th and runs at the 1st Special Civil Court in Barra da Tijuca. Atlas is investigated in the CPI of cryptocurrencies for harming 200,000 customers with fraudulent investments in bitcoins.

Tata was hired five years ago, when the company was trying to increase its popularity in Brazil, along with actor Cauã Reymond. At the time, there were no complaints about problems related to who invested in Atlas or in relation to financial returns.

After being summoned to testify at the CPI in early August, Tata’s lawyers did a sweep and discovered that Atlas was still using pieces produced years ago as if they were new, using the comedian’s credibility in the advertising market.

According to a document obtained by the report, Tata signed the contract in May 2018. In theory, Atlas should comply and withdraw all of its image by December 28 of that same year, seven months after signing. However, throughout this period, Atlas used Tata’s image to sell its services.

“When the plaintiff became aware that she would be summoned to testify at the CPI of cryptocurrencies for having been an Atlas poster girl, she discovered that the defendant had not removed the advertisements from her Facebook profile, maintaining 15 publications of photos and videos with the image , the voice and name of Tata Werneck”, says the initial petition of the action.

In this Thursday’s decision (31), it was recognized by the judge Paulo Roberto Campos that Atlas made improper use of advertising that should have been closed in 2018, and that Tata is a victim of history. “In the case of the records, the violation of the right is evident”, says the magistrate in his order.

For Tata’s lawyer, Ricardo Brajterman, it was clear that the comedian was used by Atlas. “Her position in front of the CPI is stronger, in the sense of showing that she had no participation in the embezzlement that the company embezzled from its clients years later. It proves that it was only a service provider”, says the lawyer.

The court must subpoena Atlas and Facebook for the removal of advertising pieces featuring Tata Werneck later this week. Failure to comply with the request will result in a fine of R$1,000. Atlas did not respond until the last update of the report.

Source: Folha

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