Zezé Di Camargo rebuts criticism of Faustão’s transplant: ‘Nothing to do. He didn’t skip the queue’


Singer Zezé Di Camargo came out in defense of presenter Fausto Silva after the controversy over his heart transplant performed last Sunday (27). Interned since the beginning of the month at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo, because of a serious heart failure, Faustão received a lot of criticism for the accusation of having jumped the transplant queue in Brazil.

“I saw a lot of people commenting on the internet, thinking that Faustão jumped the line. Nothing to do. People have to study more how the selection is done. People need more information to know about the process of choosing patients”, said the singer during an interview with The Noite, on SBT, which airs this Thursday (31).

Zezé also recalled that the transplant queue in Brazil is unique and regulated by the Unified Health System (SUS). The national system works according to technical criteria such as blood compatibility, weight and height parameters, as well as factors such as the severity of the case.. “I’m not his lawyer, but it’s necessary to explain what actually happened. He didn’t jump in line”, he said.

Luciano’s brother and partner in the country duo praised Faustão: “People have an image of him, for being a very positive guy who speaks his mind on television. He is one of the most generous people I have ever met in my life. I know of several artists that, at the end of his career, Faustão, from his own pocket, supported and treated. He never wanted to show it”, he said.

He then continued: “That man’s heart, he always joked, saying it was his size. He is a guy who earned a lot of money, with a lot of work, but who did a lot for people”, he commented. The singer asks people to put an end to comments about the presenter’s alleged privileges at once. “Forget it, for God’s sake. Think about human beings, about life”, he concluded.

Faustão appeared in a video released by the family on Instagram and thanked the audience for their support. He stressed that he does not feel any pain and that he has fully recovered. “I want to thank the demonstrations of millions of people, praying and making mandigas, rooting for my recovery. My voice is a little hoarse because I was intubated. I’m already walking, this left-hander is a monster, I don’t feel anything. So people understand what It’s the transplant.”

He also thanked the donor’s family and said he was “eternally grateful” for Fábio’s father and was moved: “I want to honor the memory of his son”.

Source: Folha

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