The Town: VIP area with celebrities, gourmet buffet, pianist and rain


Luisa Monte

While the torrential rain soaked the large audience at The Town, on Saturday night (2), actors, influencers, businessmen and those who make up the elite of São Paulo enjoyed the shows in the VIP area. Or rather, they didn’t seem to enjoy it so much, as they talked in circles and dodged the drips that wet the sofas and carpets in the box with a privileged view of the two main stages.

Upon entering, you are faced with a large lounge, with buffets of snacks, cheeses, salads and risotto, constantly replenished. Sitting on sofas, tables and resting spaces, we meet celebrities. In the center, a pianist plays Coldplay, a pop hit not present at the festival.

In a circle, João Guilherme, Pe Lu (uncle and manager), Vanessa Lopes and more friends chat. “I came to see friends and do business”, says João to F5.

Down the stairs, another floor has club lights and various liquor displays. from Heineken beer to Johnnie Walker whisky, there is no shortage of varieties. Outside, some watch the shows of their favorite artists. Demi Lovato, who sang with Luísa Sonza, was the one who most animated the audience while the night was still beginning.

In the shop selling official products, hoodies costing R$220 reais are sold in droves. “There are some who take several for their children and friends”, says the seller.

The public in the VIP area also includes children, accompanied by their parents and babysitters, teenagers and the elderly, representatives of sponsoring companies and those who bring their children and grandchildren.

While many faced the queue to eat a snack or popsicle on The Town’s lawn, all the restaurants or fast foods available outside were also in the cabin. With no queue, guests could eat wherever they wanted.

There is also the VIP within the VIP. Guests of Rock World, the company that organizes the festival, can have even more privacy in another lounge, away from the flashes and the press. Luciano Huck, Angélica, Sasha and Rodrigo Faro were some of those who enjoyed the festival inside.

Tickets were made available to members of The Town Club, the most expensive modality created by the festival, on sale for R$1,199. Membership entitles you to purchase two tickets, subject to availability.

Source: Folha

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